Since its founding in 1983, Historic Catasauqua Preservation Association (HCPA) has relied on the support of individuals who believe in the value of history and in particular Catasauqua’s important contribution to the building of America. Your support at all levels helps HCPA fulfill its mission to illuminate the rich and nationally significant industrial history of Catasauqua enabling each of us to construct meaning from the past for the present and future. Today, the legacy of Catasauqua’s illustrious past can be seen in the elegant mansions once owned by the leaders of industry in the iron, silk, brewing, and cement industries.

Without you, HCPA wouldn’t be able to:

  • Care for our collection of Catasauqua memorabilia
  • Care for our collection of paintings of Catasauqua homes and buildings
  • Maintain our buildings and grounds
  • Continue restoration work on the Summer Kitchen and Mule Barn
  • Sponsor activities such as the 2014 Old Home Week celebration, biennial house tours, programs, develop on-line resources and lead or assist with special events in the community
  • Support the D&L Trail Tenders to keep open the Lehigh Canal towpath for hikers and bicyclists
  • Continue to support community revitalization and tourism
  • Protect the buildings in our two National Historic Districts
  • Sponsor state historic Markers
  • Assist with genealogical research

Historic Catasauqua Preservation Association, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, receives no funding from governmental agencies, except as awarded under project specific, special grant programs. HCPA relies on contributions from individuals, foundations, businesses, and corporations to fund our operations and services.  With every donation – from becoming a member to making a $1 million endowment – you invest in HCPA’s enduring work for the many generations yet to be born.