Residential And Commercial

Catasauqua is a community rich with history. Explore the architectural landmarks and historical homes that dot our borough streets with these walking tours. From industrial revolution-era factory sites and breath-taking mansions to the noteworthy-landmarks that still exist today, here are the sites history buffs and architectural fans will want to see.

This Walking Tour section covers the areas not included in our two National Historic Districts and the industrial sites.

These tours of other residential and business segments are still in progress. Check back often as more are added and updates are made. References for these include (but aren’t limited to) the 1914 histories, Dale Wint’s History of the Iron Borough, early directories of the town (1885, 1887 1890, 1929/1930, etc), Sanborn maps (1885, 1890, 1896, 1902, 1908, 1913), town maps of 1860, 1872 & 1876, the Allentown Democrat, the Allentown Ledger, Catasauqua Dispatch, and genealogy research.  References from the 1908 directory are based on a digitized/searchable version.  As other year’s directories are digitized, the residents from those years will be identified and added.

Feel free to access these on your smart phone and conduct your own walking tour. as you explore the neighborhoods of Catasauqua.

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