Memories About Early Catasauqua

Dedicated to those who grew up and lived in Catasauqua.

We all have stories worth sharing – stories of growing up in Catasauqua, playing, working, just living in another time period. Memories of life in Catasauqua are often lost and forgotten forever because they are not written down. People have shared their personal experiences, observations, and life, the events
that formed who they were.

When the 20th century opened Catasauqua was one of the most prosperous towns in the United States. The anthracite iron industry triggered a wave of industrial innovation that made Catasauqua famous and many Catasauqua’s rich. By 1900 Catasauqua had more than 5,000 inhabitants and a higher percentage of them were millionaires – self-made millionaires – than anywhere else in the nation. The memories are of regular folks, those who lived, worked and played in town. The industries that were founded in Catasauqua offered jobs and livelihoods to those who lived here.

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