1890 Business Listing

The links below take you to the three pages of the 1890 Williams Catasauqua Borough Directory that lists the businesses in town.
House/building #s were changed c.1896, so any #s listed may not reflect current numbering.  For a translation of numbers, see the 1896 Sanborn map for that area of town – it lists both the old and the new (closest to the building) numbers. (Not all areas of town are covered in the Sanborn maps).  You can also go to an older Sanborn map to verify what the building number was around the time the directory was published – and its location on the block.

page 1:  Agents, Rel Estate to Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers
page 2:  Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers (cont’d) to Meat Markets
page 3:  Meat Markets (cont’d) to Wines and Liquors