1860 Business Listing

Following is a listing of businesses in Catasauqua in 1860 extracted from Boyd’s Business Directory of the Counties of Berks, Lebanon, Lehigh, Northampton, and Schuylkill, PA, 1860. These were transcribed exactly as they appeared in the directory, so some names may be misspelled.
Note there were no building #s yet, at least listed in the 1860 directory.

Albright Richard, Front bel Bridge
Schaeffer Andrew, Front n Bridge

Black and Whitesmiths
Kuntz John W., Front cor Pine
Lambert Aaron, Front bel Bridge

Boot and Shoemakers
Blum John H., Front c Willow al
Gorman William L., 2d n Mulberry al
Patterson Reuben, Front n Race
Strehan Robert, 2d n School al
Troxel Joseph, Front c Chappel

Andrews Charles, Front n Bridge
Baird John, n railroad depot

Country Stores
Who keep a general assortment of Dry Goods,
Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, &c. &c.
Dealers exclusively in one kind of goods
will be found under their respective headings.
BOYER JOHN & SON, 2d bel Bridge
Loder & Yeager, Front c Church

Dry Goods Dealers
(see also Country Stores.)
Warne & Wilson, Bridge cor 2d

Mertel John T., Front n Bridge
Welch William E., Church ab Front

Harness, Saddles, and Trunks
Kuntz Josiah, Front N Mulberry
Lazarus Joseph, Bridge N Front
Rau Charles W., Front bel Bridge

Hats, Caps, &c.
Craig & Rohn, Front n Mulberry al

American, Charles F. Beck, Front n Race
Catasauqua, Henry Harte, Front c Willow al
Eagle, Joseph Labach, Front c Bridge
Pennsylvania, Howard Harrison, 2d c Bridge

Iron Founders

Iron Manufacturers
(see also Rolling Mills)
Lehigh Crane Iron Co., John Thomas, supt

Justice of the Peace
Fuller Chauncey D, Front n School al

Lager Beer
Gillet Adolph, Front bel Bridge

Livery Stables
Schumacher William, Willow al n Front

Lumber Yards
(see also Saw-Mills)
Moyer Thomas, Front n Walnut

Milliners and Millinery Goods
Durling Sarah M., 2d n Bridge

Newspapers, Weekly
Catasauqua Herald, published every
Thursday morning, Church at
opp Crane Iron Works,
by Arnold C. Lewis.
Terms: $1.50 per annum.

Shoemaker William, Front c Willow al

(see also Clothiers)
Boyer John, Front n School al
Getz William, Front n Bridge
Holly William, Front n Wood
Matchett John T, Church n Front

Tinsmiths and Stove Dealers
(see also Stove and Range Warehouses.)
Kopp George, Front N Bridge

Watchmakers and Jewellers
Giering F. F., Front n Wood
Smith Daniel, Front bel Bridge

Funk John, Front bel Bridge

The following entries were listed in the Appendix under the Catasauqua sections.

Banking Institutions
Bank of Catasauqua – Front bet. Mulberry and School al. Eli J. Saeger, Pres.; M.H. Horn, jr., Cashier; Tilgh H. Moyer, Teller; James W. Mickley, Book-keeper; Owen Frederick Assistant. Directors-David Thomas, Joseph Biery, Wm. R. Yeager, martin Kemmerer, Wm. Trexler, John D. Lawall, Charles D. Fuller, Samuel Thomas, Samuel Laubach, Robt. Oberly, James T. Borker, David A. Tombler.

Military Department
Catasauqua Rifles – Armory, Front cor Willow al. Captain, H.S. Harte; 1st Lieut. H. Hower; 2d Lieut. G.W. Bowe; 3d Lieut, James Swartz

First Presbyterian, Second N Bridge. Rev Cornelius Earl, Pastor; Nicholas Balliet, Sexton.
German Methodist, bet Wood and Howardtown road
Reformed, Howardtown road
Second Presbyterian, Bridge n Howardtown road. Rev. Leslie Irwin, Pastor; Jas. McCandless, Sexton.

Catasauqua Gas Works, Front n Canal. John Hunt, President; Solomon Bierg, Treasurer; John Williams, Secretary.