D.G.Dery, The World Famous Silk Manufacturer

Desiderius George Dery; The worlds largest independent silk manufacturer with around 40 silk mills and 10,000 employees
Born: Sep. 29th, 1865 in Baja Austria-Hungary
Died: March 5th, 1942 in Bethlehem, Pa.

He was married to Helen Mezaros and had four children; Joan, George, Charles, and Helen. He graduated from St. Mary’s Academy and the Vienna Textile Academy both in Austria. He came to Paterson, NJ. in 1887 and began working as a superintendent of a silk mill. His first mill in Pennsylvania was built in 1897 on Race st. in Catasauqua. He then went from that single mill with 200 employees and gradually worked his way up to a peak around 1920 with 40 mills and taking up the full 7th floor of the National Bank building at 7th and Hamilton in Allentown.

He was born…..