Someone’s Son – Catty’s Supreme Sacrifice

Every year on Memorial Day, we honor our war dead, but who were these men? These men were more than their names that we read on memorial plaques or etched in stone. They lived, breathed, and walked the same streets we walk. Some of us might even have lived in the same house that they did.
Some were brothers, cousins, uncles, husbands and few were fathers, but they all were someone’s son.

In WWI, a husband and wife each lost a brother. Charles Rieker lost his brother, John, and Mary/Margaret Klingler Rieker lost her brother, Lawrence.
In WWII, a wife lost her husband, George Micott, and her 1st cousin, John VanDePutte. Two sisters each lost their sons, Charles Adlon & Stephen Nederostek. A mother lost her son, Paul Moran, and her brother, Charles Adlon. Siblings lost their brother, a 1st cousin, and a nephew: Charles Adlon, Stephen Nederostek, and Paul Moran.
On these pages, we remember the lives of those from Catasauqua who were sacrificed in the wars.  A presentation given in 2022 for Memorial Day on those from Catasauqua and North Catasauqua who lost their lives during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam can be viewed here Someones Son presentation pdf May 24

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