Become a HCPA Volunteer

There are volunteer opportunities for all ages and all interests.

Grounds Maintenance Landscaping (container, beds), weeding, mulching, watering
Electrical: lighting & electric receptacle repairs and additions
Canal and Towpath trail tending
Cleaning, sewing, decluttering
Building restoration & repairs
Museum cataloging, data entry, digital imaging
Museum displays
Gallery displays
Fest O’ Fall: kids crafts & games, scarecrow building, food prep and service
House tour planning and preparation; house tour docennts
Alcohol service
8 Race St open house docents
School and group tours
Facility rentals
Fund raising
Grant writing
Strategic planning
Administrative volunteer coordination
Financial reporting and auditing
Newsletter writing, distribution
Social media
Records management
Genealogical research
Deed research
Historical documentation

Please contact Janice Lathrop at 610-266-0255 or Betsy Hillenbrand at 610-264-9716 if you are interested in becoming an HCPA volunteer.