Many older residents remember – In the 1930 era we had a local character known as “Bed Bugs”. His real name was Vendal Boko. They say he originated from New Jersey. Every night he could be seen somewhere on Front Street, drunk as a monkey, either staggering or lying on the sidewalk against a building. Soon one of the local cops would appear, load him in the side car of the motorcycle and haul him up to the lock up. Next morning, they would give him breakfast and release him. During the day he worked a stable hand for Ed Oldt who ran the local livery stable behind Lincoln School. One day he disappeared. His sister, who was wealthy, came up from Jersey, took him home to reform him. Shortly he appeared back in town, all dressed up. This didn’t last long, in no time at all he was back to his usual drinking habits and his nightly routine. There is a picture of him in the video tape of Catasauqua.

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